June 19, 2012

Taylor's Sip and See

Emily Hamilton Pillars and I did a Sip and See for Taylor Nicole Dolata to introduce her to Kelly's Yuba City friends

Emily and the wonderful treats we made for the Sip and See

Gianna and Taylor Nicole or "Taylor and Nicole" as Kate calls her

Taylor Nicole's Sip and See

Emily Hamilton Pillars and I put together a little Sip and See to introduce Taylor to Kelly's Yuba City friends.  The weather (except for the north wind) coorporated and we had a wonderful day sipping champagne and sharing with wonderful friends!!!

April 15, 2012

Wine Country Birthday Bash 2012

Wine Country Birthday Bash 2012

On April 14 2012 Kelly put together a wonderful fun filled day for most of my family and friends in Wine Country. The fun filled event began on Friday the 13th with Janice Bitzko, Madge and Gary Ghiggeri joining Kelly, Nick, Kate and Taylor and I at Miravale Estate in Glen Ellen for a fun evening before the Birthday Bash.
The next morning Wine Country Tours came up the mountain to pick us up and then down to the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn to pick up Vince and Mary Jean Hamilton, Robyn Ettl, Jan Caselli, Sharon Starmer and Linda Brown for a fun day of wine tasting and then lunch back up at Miraval Estate.
Then that evening Frank Garrison and Meredith Putman joined all of us for a Wine Cave dinner at Gundlach Bundschu Winery.

July 22, 2011

Sip and See for Charlie

Miss Hannah was a big help too!!
Heather and Emily made Cake Pops!
Kelly did the decor.....

The cPh petit fours were wonderful...Thank you Angela

Sip and See for Charlie

What a fun afternoon with lots of yummy treats!!
Heather and Emily made Cake Pops!!
Kelly's designs were so fun!!! The photos were fantastic
Kelly and Ham....Old Friends!!! (well, not too old)
Mary Jean, Emily, Kelly and the Guest of Honor....Charlie Hamilton Pillars

June 22, 2011

Da Da Ta Ta Elmo's World

For Easter I got tickets to take Kate and Mommy and Daddy to see Elmo and his Sesame Street Friends in San Jose. Well Tuesday was the day! We had so much fun taking her and watching her get so excited to see ELMO!!!
Kate got so excited seeing all of her Sesame Street friends!!!

I think we were just as excited as she was watching her!!
After the show she played with some of the little kids who watched the show too. Kate got her share of confetti!!!

June 14, 2011

The Christians come in June

Karyn and the kids decided to come and stay for an extended visit this year in June.
Karyn was able to see many of her growing up/school friends, do her Scentsy Parties and go to Sonoma to visit her sister Kelly.

The first week it rained and rained and rained. Our activities included taking Ashley bowling, making cookies and going to the library to get books!! Finally the second week the weather cleared and we were able to get out and do some fun things with the kids.

They had fun playing in the backyard, playing with snails and rocks and running around. Ashley had a sleep-over with her friend Riley, Buddy and Allison played with Miles and Lauren and we celebrated Buddy's 3rd birthday with many of Karyn's friends and their children at Regency Park a week late due to weather but they still had lots of fun running through the water fountain etc.

Kelly and Kate came over twice to spend some time with the kids and they they drove back to Sonoma for some sister/cousin time. Kate had fun playing with her cousins and now that she is walking and talking there was never a dull moment!

These little ones are balls of energy and so fun to watch interacting together!!

The Christians come for the month of June!!

This summer the Christians decided to come for an extended visit. Karyn and the kids will be here for the Month of June!
Karyn got to see many of her friends, do her Scentsy Party's and go visit her sister Kelly in Sonoma.
The kids had so much fun playing in the backyard on the "grass" something they don't have where they live in the Southwest.

April 24, 2011


What a wonderful day with my little Kate! We had so much fun and her Mommy became a Roman Catholic too! What a Glorious Day!!

Kate loved looking for eggs and reading the Bunny Book Nana brought her.